Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Viva Las Secret Pizza


Where do I even begin? This trip was the definition of a shit show.... from the beginning, SCRATCH THAT... it was a shit show from before the beginning. One of my good friends, Aziza and I had planned to go see Britney Spears at her residency in Vegas which she kindly cancelled last month. We decided to still go because 'screw it' we are #YoungWild&Free which really should've been a sign to stay home!!!

A few days before travel, winter storms began picking up in Vegas (yay) bringing concern of terribly cold weather paired with my terribly small outfits of choice. I kept telling myself the weather would get better and it'd be chill. BOY WAS I WRONG! Fast forward to my travel day, I get up, get all cute, drive an hour to my sisters place in traffic, have her drive me to the airport, where THE SECOND we pull up, I get a notification that my flight is cancelled.


I was bound and determined that I was going to Vegas. So naturally, I rented a Mercedes Benz and drove myself to Vegas through a literal winter tundra (lol). IT. TOOK. 8. HOURS. (the worst)

That night I was reunited with my gal pal and two of her friends and we went out to Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM where I dressed like it was 98 degrees outside bc of course. We drank too much and one of the girls cried bc of course.

Heres me looking like a thotty hut jr on night one #enjoy

Day two, we woke up, got lost in a stairwell, enjoyed a LOVELY breakfast which I ate two bites of at The Henry in the Cosmopolitan (where we stayed). Then we walk 500 miles to find a Fat Tuesdays which I faintly remembered going to from a trip in College and enjoyed  3,000 mph winds as we walked the strip. #GoodTimes 

Somewhere on this walk I got drunk and we went to some ramon place that I cant remember the name of because, again, I was drunk. Came home and took a nap before a night on the TOWNNN. 

And by town I mean Omnia to see Zedd. Zedd was freaking incredible. So much fun. A man named Cody Mac aka Stoney Mac would not stop hitting on me and trying to show off the table that he absolutely didn't pay a cent for (not cute). Then his MMA fighter friend who definitely was there with a girl ran up and kissed my face (ALSO NOT CUTE). The night ended and my friends and I retreated back to the Cosmo to die a slow and painful death. 

THATS ALL.jk jk I know it may not seem like it but I had the best time ever and am still recovering. I cannot drink ever again. (Aka until Miami)


I almost forgot to mention the best part of the trip..... SECRET PIZZA. aka basically the only thing I ate all weekend. If you visit Vegas you must find Secret Pizza in the Cosmo or you're doing it so wrong. 

I don't have a photo of the pizza but it is featured in my Vlog: CLICK HERE <3

until next time xoxoxo


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