Monday, March 23, 2020


Hello my Fellow Social Distancers/Quarantiners - 
How are we doin'? 

The last few weeks have been an absolute shit show for a lack of better terms. People are stuck inside their homes, toilet paper is NO WHERE to be found, and Gen-Zers are still Spring Breaking in Florida. We truly hate to see it! About a week and a half ago, Grocery Stores everywhere started selling out of literally everything... my grocery store didn't even have VEGETABLES, so I decided this was the perfect time for me to try out the Prolon: Fasting Mimicking Diet (5-Day Detox/Meal Program) which I first saw on Goop Lab on Netflix (shoutout, shoutout). The FMD is a program that is said to give you the benefits of a  5-Day fast (metabolic balance/internal rejuvenation) while targeting visceral fat and providing Gluten-Free and MOSTLY* Plant-Based Food to assist in kicking the hunger that an actual fast brings and the best part.. all of your meals for the week come in a box AKA no grocery shopping and minimal prep is needed. 

My box arrived on Tuesday afternoon and despite the opinions of other reviews I had come across online, I was pleasantly surprised at how big the box was. Think the size of a winter boot box storing all your meals for 5 days! I'm in the process of moving and planned to be home from work packing/getting my life together starting Thursday, so I figured, I'd start Wednesday and brave one day of the diet at work and then finish the rest out at home. Hindsight - I think I 100% would've been able to manage doing this during a work week, I was just unsure how my body was going to react and if I would randomly start throwing a good old fashion temper tantrum bc hangry. 

Day One is stacked with food and supplements putting your caloric intake for the day at about 1,150 calories, which is not far off from my typical daily intake goal. I started the day off with my nut bar (fan fave - I am the fan), breakfast pills (Algal Oil - 2 pills), and some Lemon Tea - at this point I was incredibly high energy, in a pretty average mood, and ready to take on the day. As the day went on and I was able to try all the food this meal program had in store for me, I was shocked at the quality... SO SO GOOD. Kale Crackers 9/10; Olives 25/10; L-Bar Choco Crisp 10/10. Lunch/Dinner every day consists of a powder mix soup that I royally messed up on Day One - aside from that I'd give the soups about a 7/10. Not my fave in the Arizona heat, but, not the worst thing I could be consuming. 

Day Two: I woke up 2 pounds down on the dot from the day before. This had me P U M P E D, until I remembered that this was the day I would reduce for the rest of the week to right around 800 calories (sometimes even less .. shoutout Day 3/Day 5). Nevertheless, I decided to take the day with a positive "come at me bro" attitude.. until 1pm hit. Around this time, I felt my mood/mindset completely shift from "I've Got This" to "I'm at home alone, no one will know if I cheat a little" along with this mindset paired an excruciating migraine that knocked all of my energy out of me. I laid low the rest of the day, packing a little/doing laundry, and NO I did not end up cheating on the diet plan. This thing is not cheap so what a waste that'd be. 

Day Three: As mentioned, caloric intake is reduced even more and Olives aka my favorite snack of the meal plan were taken away from me AND they take your dessert L-Bar Choco Crisp away. BRUTAL. SAVAGE. AWFUL. Everything of the sort, honestly. The good news is on Day Three I woke up having lost 3 pounds since the day before - totaling 5 pounds weight loss in just two days and with no more migraine (yay)! This drastic drop snapped me right back into motivation mode, I was operating off 4 1/2 hours of sleep, but, was ready to kick the days ass, got a great workout in, and just kept telling myself "You're halfway there, you're halfway there, you're halfway there". Day Three was also the day I potentially reached mental insanity, in between packing my place, I spent roughly 3 hours learning TikTok dances and trying to understand how the big TikTok influencers are literally 15 years old lol. I still haven't quite made sense of this. The important things in life... lol. I know. 

Day Four: I woke up feeling incredible, again, I was down another pound, putting me 6 pounds down in Three Days. This motivation along with the fact that I had been inside for far too long inspired me to get outside and do some run/walk interval training (not easy when you're basically fasting). The physical benefits I saw on Day 4 were fantastic, but, the biggest change I saw though was mental. As many of you know, I struggle with depression and anxiety among other things, but, on this day I felt so clear. I took the time to meditate, think about what I want in life, and had some really crazy epiphanies about myself, those in my life, and where my focus has been vs. where it should be. Let me tell you this was probably my favorite part of this whole program bc y'all know how much I love a good mental health moment. 

DAY MF'IN FIVE: I have made it, we have arrived (this was my mood waking up on Day 5). Woke up .8 pounds down making my weight loss 6.8 pounds in four days. WILD. Day 5 was surprisingly my best day. I woke up motivated to go do another round of interval run/walk training, following the same structure as the day before, but on day 5, I ran .24 miles further. Shoooooook. How I did this fasted I have zero idea. Once I got home and took a little breather, I decided it would be in my best interest to smash a quick little upper body workout, you know just to really kill myself lol. Overall, mood/mindset/energy on Day 5 was probably the best that it was over the course of the 5 days. On Day 5 (aka yesterday), Dakota and I recorded a podcast episode that you will hear tonight and after we were done recording Dakota mentioned how energetic and on point I sounded, which was a huge because I really thought the mental clarity and #mood was just all in my head. 

I SURVIVED - It is Day 6 or Day 1 Post-FMD, I did not cheat once, I stuck completely to the program, and I lost 7.2 pounds!! I am so amazed and proud of myself. And while on Day 1 I thought all I would want is pizza and cake and ice cream after completion, I am so excited to make a good salad, maybe some chicken, and really focus in on portion control. Would I recommend Prolon? 100%. Will I do it again? 110% - it is recommended to do 2-3 times a year so I have already set two alarms for myself, each 4 months apart (July/November) to order another round. Next time, I plan to measure inches specifically around my waist because like an idiot, I forgot to this time around. I must warn you, this is not a cheap program, but, if you take into account all the groceries or postmates you will not be needing that week, it is completely worth it. So many great health benefits - physical and mental. 

As always, thanks for tuning into another episode of Katie shares everything with the Internet. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Remind your friends and family that you love them and miss them. Let me know if you decide to try out the program and use code: KTHEN25 for $25 off your box here: For the love of Pete, WASH YOUR HANDS.


Saturday, March 7, 2020


In celebration of two of my favorite things in the world: Working out & Shopping ... I figured I’d share with y’all some of my newest faves I copped from Fabletics. I hadn’t shopped on fabletics in years but was pleasantly surprised to see how their brand has grown. So many cute outfits with insanely great quality!!! Check out all the outfits I loved clickable below. Happy Shopping! 


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