Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Pursuit of Happiness

I'm going to be very honest, I'm nervous to write this blog post. I've gone back and forth with myself on whether or not I should share what has been going on in the life of Katie Henry because I want to be sensitive to all those who are going through a rough time right now. I have been worried that people would feel I am oblivious to what is important right now/take away that I simply don't care or feel any remorse. So, before I go any further, I want to make it very clear that I do understand the current world situation and feel deeply sorry for all those going through a rough time. On the flip side, I have been encouraged by multiple people that sharing what I have been experiencing could help those who need a little light right now, which is truly the ONLY reason I am sharing something that is so personal and means so much to me. Additionally, I want to say, everyone has different views/beliefs and since you're on my blog post, I hope that you choose to read this respecting mine. If you don't feel you are open to that, that is totally okay and I suggest you exit the post while we're both ahead.

If you read my Doing This For Me blog post back in January or follow my Instagram/Twitter, you likely know that I've been through some shit. If you haven't read that blog post or don't follow me, maybe go do one or the other if you want a little insight because that's not what this blog post is about. This post is about where I am now and how genuinely happy I am for the first time in a very very very long time.

Over the last few months, I have taken a ton of time to focus on myself, my spirituality, and figuring out what I want in my personal life. I've adopted meditation, daily affirmations, manifesting, and have found ways to express gratitude daily. These 4 things along with recently adding reading books back into my daily routine are what have drastically changed my life. 

Everyday when I wake up, I spend the first 30-45 minutes following a guided meditation. Typically I follow meditations by Gabby Bernstein - she's seriously the QUEEN of Spirituality. Sometimes these meditations are completely general, sometimes I lean into one focused on anxiety/negative thoughts, this is truly dependent on my mood when I wake up. Meditating is in my opinion, one of the best ways to relax and clear your mind for the day ahead. After I am done with my meditation, I spent about 5-10 minutes writing in my Gratitude Journal, this is as easy as it sounds, I quite literally write "I am so grateful for the gym, I am so grateful for my Mom"... you get the point. There is something so beautiful and refreshing about starting the day with a grateful heart. Yes....... I realize it may sound silly, try it anyways and if it doesn't work for you, I recommend doing some digging as to why being grateful doesn't bring you peace or joy. Somewhere in my morning routine, I listen to daily affirmations and repeat them out loud (usually in the shower LOL) that are pretty similar to the little girl that once went viral (I think on YouTube) for doing power poses and affirmations in the mirror. These can be found on YouTube, you can write your own out, (truly do whatever you want) but, I'd recommend starting out with something simple like "I am Strong, I am Confident, I am deserving of the most amazing relationships" repeat for 10 minutes and revert back to them throughout the day if you need a little reminder as to what an AMAZING person you are. 

Finally, I manifest. Well, I guess, I should mention that we are all constantly manifesting, whether you realize it or not, you are manifesting the life that you have right now and will continue to have. A few months ago, I learned about living in a state of "lack"/low vibrations and how living in this state plays a huge part in the life that you manifest. I feel I can probably best explain this to you by example - Have you ever been single and not like "yeah I'm single, no worries" but like "SHIT I'M SINGLE AND THE WORLD IS ENDING"? If this is you, don't worry, I'm using this example because I have been there. During this mental state, we are doing absolutely nothing to tell the Universe or whatever higher power you pray to "Hey, I'm open to love and I am ready to give my heart to someone".... we are actually operating from a place of hate, loneliness, and in a lot of cases, jealousy. Therefore, manifesting a longer time period of being alone with no mans to cuddle up next to at night. What we can do to flip this around and start living in a high vibration state is begin surrounding ourselves with what we want to attract into our life, start asking our higher power to guide us in attracting this for ourselves, and start speaking it into existence. For Example: If I am wanting to get into a relationship and all my friends are getting engaged, I could start saying something like "I am so happy for you and I am so excited for the day that I am able to experience this too". When you feel genuinely happy for someone, you emit high vibes, and eventually you start to maintain and coast in a high vibe state. (This is Goals) Positive and Productive Manifesting is probably one of the most amazing changes I've implemented into my life. I am now able to see my worth, reject any negativity trying to creep in, and truly go after what I know I deserve. No more giving discounts. 

Having the mental clarity I do now has been seriously life-changing. During this time full of pain and uncertainty, take some time for yourself. If it's not manifesting and all the things I do that some of you may view as "weird" or "different", that's fine. It works for me and it doesn't mean you have to make it work for you. But find something that does, spend time painting, write a song, start a podcast ;), write letters to your friends thanking them for what they've done for you, go for a walk, I don't care... just do SOMETHING for YOU. I promise while you may not feel you have the energy or the means, you will feel so much better. If the things I talked about in this blog post do interest you, dare to be thought of as "weird".... I swear, the water over here is just fine. And of course, reach out to me if you have questions, want recommendations on books, where to start, etc. I am always always happy to help. 

Thank you for reading this post! I am truly appreciative of those of you that take the time to publicly and silently support me and all my crazy random ideas/projects. Stay Happy & Stay Healthy!

Love & Light - 

Monday, April 6, 2020


I am a BIIIIIG Self-Care guy and one of my favorite self-care rituals is having a solid skin care routine. There is something about opening my skin care fridge in the morning/right before bed that just makes me feel so damn good. If you're feeling low vibes right now, I totally recommend treating yourself to one, two, or all of these products. Enjoy and stay healthy :)
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