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Hey, how are ya? (Shoutout Jeffree Star)

WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG! If you have yet to catch on, my name is Katie. I reside in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, but was born in Portland, Oregon.

I've got a the worlds greatest family. Truly, the Henry's will rock your world 100% of the time. We are absolutely better together and always on our game. They've all shaped me to be the woman I am today and for that I thank them.

I was a Delta Gamma at Arizona State University all while majoring in serial dating and minoring in Communication. That's great and all (I know), but my FAVORITE thing about college was it is where I met (most) of my best friends, I am sure you will meet them all eventually via Blog, Vlog, or my Gram. My friends are some of the most amazing, empowering, and gorgeous people in the world and I'm so lucky to call them my gang.

Fast forward a few years, I work full-time as a Learning Manager for a pretty big time company, but have always imagined myself doing something in the entertainment/creative space so HELLO, HI, IT'S ME, HERE I AM WORLD. I'm so ready to go full bore and produce the utmost premium content for (hopefully) more than 10 readers/viewers.

I'm workin' on loving every aspect of my life and I'm excited to take y'all along.

Xoxo -


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